return from dreaming

the stunning new album by the resonance association 01.01.2015

featuring the single recursor

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Signal Lost 4:42

Silver Falls 5:38

New Theories In Astronomy 5:23

Recursor 7:24

Space Race 6:49

An Exit To Stars (We Are) 17:12

Return From Dreaming 6:36

Recorded January 2013 – July 2014 at mrs.vee studios

Recorded by The Resonance Association:
Daniel Vincent: piano, guitars, drums, synths and programming
Dominic Hemy: guitars, theremin, synths
Produced and mixed by Daniel Vincent
Mastered by Dominic Hemy at Fort Dom

Daniel Vincent and Dominic Hemy are pleased to announce their fifth studio album Return From Dreaming, which hits stores on 1st January 2015.

Return From Dreaming was recorded over 18 months at the band's South London studio, with Daniel Vincent resuming production and mixing duties. The album has been mastered separately for digital and physical formats by Dominic Hemy. It follows the band's fourth album Heliopause which was released in October 2011.

The seven-track set includes the lead single Recursor and a new 17-minute epic An Exit To Stars, which was debuted as a work-in-progress at the Croydon Oxjam event in October 2013.

Return From Dreaming finds the band in fine form, a return in many aspects: the clean production accentuates the fragility in tracks such as elegiac opener Signal Lost and the duo's policy of endless improvisation serves as a counterpoint to the regimented grooves of Space Race and New Theories In Astronomy.

Daniel Vincent (piano, guitars, drums, synths and programming): "It's great to be back! We wisely made the decision to take our time on this album and listening to it I'm really pleased. It reflects our musical heritage in a positive way. I hope people really get a kick out of listening to it."

Dominic Hemy (guitars, theremin and electronics): "The album came together piece-by-piece over the last year or so, with Dan and I sending ideas back-and-forth and then retreating to the studio to record it together. There are some full-on tracks, some slightly more laid back things on there, and of course a big epic one... all-in-all I'm really pleased".